Reba -Adoption Pending! Domestic Long Hair Adult - Adoption, Rescue for sale in Colmar, Pennsylvania

There is an adoption pending for this cat!

8 years

Longhair Tabby

This gorgeous kitty was adopted from Stray Cat Blues in 2011 and recently returned to us because her adopter became ill with a crippling disease and could no longer care for her.

It was a painful separation because Reba was adored.

Its understandable why this beauty would be so loved.

She is gorgeous and has an absolutely wonderful personality.

Reba is extremely friendly, a greet-you-at-the-door kitty that seeks affection, meows to be picked up, and purrs as you carry her around.

She is gentle and confident and just wants to be part of the family.

One thing she does not like is to be confined in a room or a cage.

She wants to be part of the action.

Reba also easily blends with other cats.

In her adopted home she was with four other cats and a small dog.

Her best buddy Pepper was also accepted by Stray Cat Blues.

It was felt that the separation from her adopted family would be less stressful if Reba had Pepper with her.

He, too, is a gentle, loving, and very affectionate kitty.

In their new foster home, both Reba and Pepper comfortably blended with five other cats after a very short introduction period.

Reba was previously tested, spayed and vaccinated and her vaccines were all updated upon her return.

She also had a dental and was microchipped.

If you love fluffy, affectionate, and gorgeous longhair kitties

you will LOVE Reba.

If you can open you heart and home to two kitties, wed appreciate her being adopted with her best buddy Pepper.

However, single applications will also be considered.

Their foster mom will only consider non-smokers.


Like what you see? Please go to /member/us/pa/colmar/stray-cat-blues-inc-pa16/ to access the Stray Cat Blues Petfinder page, where you can see information on our adoption process and access a link to our online adoption application. And Thank You for considering adopting this cat.

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